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Meet the Teachers - The San Cristobal Language School offers Spanish classes  to students of all levels, from all over the world

All of the Spanish-Lessons-Online  teachers are bilingual English/Spanish speakers who have received special training in teaching Spanish-Lessons-Online  and continue to take training in language instruction. All of our teachers have taught for many years. Some of the teachers currently live in San Cristóbal de las Casas, while others live in other countries around the world. In addition to teaching Spanish and English classes, many of the teachers also teach Spanish and English classes at the San Cristóbal Language School. When you take online lessons with Spanish-Lessons-Online, you are assured to have quality teachers!



Luz speaks Spanish, Italian and English.  She enjoys working with English speakers in all levels from beginners to advanced students and she also enjoys creating custom lessons for her students.  In addition to offering English classes on line, Luz teaches both Spanish and Italian to our students in San Cristobal.  She has three kids and is very patient with children.  She can help you learn Skype if you are new to the program.





Helena lives in San Cristobal but has also lived in Poland, France, Spain and the United States. In addition to speaking English she also speaks Polish, French and Spanish. She has experience in teaching multiple languages in addition to English. She has a masters degree in Business. Schedule an online class with Skype with Helena today!







Tere es una hispanohablante pero ha estudiado inglés por varios años convirtiéndose en traductora. Además, también ha enseñado inglés a personas de nivel principiante e intermedio y le gustaría ayudarte a aprender o mejorar tu inglés en un ambiente relajado a través de Internet. ¿Por qué no lo intentas?

Tere is a native Spanish speaker, but she has studied English for several years becoming a translator.  Besides, she has also taught English to beginners and intermediate students, and she would be glad to help you learn or improve your English in a relaxing online classroom.  Why don’t you try? 





Alicia is from Mexico City and studied interpretation of languages. She speaks Spanish, English, French and a little Japanese. She started teaching languages at a very early age. Currently, she teaches English to Japanese kids at a prestigious school from the south of Mexico City.  She likes very much teaching to children. She will help you learn English in a pretty natural way, using very common idioms and expressions that are used very often in the English lexis. She is kind, patient and likes playing games while teaching, because it is easier and more fun for kids while learning a foreign language.





Mercedes is from Mexico City, but she moved to Queretaro 18 years ago. She has a bachelour´s degree in English Teaching as a Foreign Language and a Master´s in Education. She´s been an English teacher for over 20 years and has also taught Spanish to foreign students. She enjoys helping people. Schedule an online Skype class with Mercedes now!




Roberto was born in Guatemala and studied at the University of Carleton in Ottawa, Ontario Canada getting a B.A in Political Science and Economics and at Ottawa U getting an LLB. Previously to that, he gave several seminars not only that the University UNAM (Mexico), Universidad Javeriana  (Colombia) and Univeridad Pontifica (Peru). Currently, he is doing a Masters degree with the UNACH in Chiapas as he is trying to understand the economic and development process in Latinoamerica. He is also a professor at the UNACH and used to be the president from CANGLOBAL.During his studies he travel extensively in Europa and as well in Latinoamerica. Currently, he lives in San Cristobal as he explores the Mexican culture. 



Fernando was born in Torreon, Coahuila. He is speaks Spanish, English and some French. He enjoys teaching because he sees it as a chance to have a positive effect on someone’s life. He is very patient and has a unique sense of humor. He enjoys personalizing his lessons for the benefit of his students. He has more than 5 years of experience teaching languages..



Javier, was born in Spain but he has lived in the Dominican Republic since 2009 where he works as a teacher.  He has always loved language and literature. He speaks both Spanish and English and has worked for many years as a teacher.  He enjoys helping students read and write precisely.  As a teacher he is always encouraging, which makes learning Spanish easier.  He can help you with Spanish and Dominican culture.  Try a lesson with Javier today




Diego was born in Mexico City but he moved to Cancun when he was 5 so he considers Cancun his hometown. Diego has worked in the tourism industry for 8 years. Last year he had the opportunity to study a Tourism Diploma in Salzburg, Austria. He is currently living in San Cristobal. Apart from his mother tongue, Diego speaks English, French and German fluently..




Dennis is originally from Chiapas, México. She's a Biologist.  She loves meeting new people of different nationalities.  Her hobbies are diving and dancing salsa. She has also traveled around Mexico, and know about Mexican culture.



Ana was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico. She has traveled to many countries all around the world and speaks many languages like Spanish, English, German. and some basic Italian. She believes that by speaking the language of a country in which one lives, one can have a better understanding of its culture. that's why she likes teaching languages




A native English speaker, born and brought up in the United Kingdom, Jennifer is currently living and working in Chiapas, Mexico.

Having taught English to speakers of other languages for just over two years, both in her native country and abroad, Jennifer has gained a wide range of experience and has taught students from elementary level, through to advanced.

In addition to teaching general English, she has prepared students for major exams, including: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge PET. She also has experience teaching special interest classes, such as, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, conversation, academic reading as well as English for particular purposes.

She has taught students from across the globe, from children, teenagers and adolescents through to adults, both in a group and 1:1 context.



Patient, creative, and  innovative teacher. Certified in English Language Teaching by Cambridge University and Cambridge Oral Examiner. Years of experience teaching adults, teens and children using a wide variety of methodologies and materials since I believe every student has his or her own way of learning. Being a teacher has enriched my life in so many different ways, so I love teaching. I believe that to teach languages goes far beyond the words and grammar structures, when someone learns a new language it opens up the door to cultures and amazing experiences.

Profesora paciente, creativa e innovadora. Certificada en la enseñanza del idioma inglés por La Universidad de Cambridge y Examinador Oral para Cambridge Exams. Años de experiencia enseñando niños, adolesente y adultos. Cuento con una amplia variedad de materiales y metodologías puesto que cada estudiante aprende de forma distinta. Me gusta mucho enseñar idiomas porque esto ha enriquesido mi vida en muchas formas. Cuando una persona aprende un idioma, está aprendiendo mucho más que solo vocabulario y reglas gramaticales, está abriendo su mente e nuevas formas der ver las cosas, nuevas culturas y esto a su vez le abre las puertas a nuevas experiencias.