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*Students Reviews:



"After majoring in Spanish in university, plus additional study in private immersion schools in Mexico, I can confidently say that professor Sarinana's methods and style of teaching are the best I have come across. His desire to know each student as an individual and to encourage and motivate each one is remarkable. He has a unique ability to assess the needs of a particular class and to respond accordingly with supplemental material, special exercises, etc. I heartily recommend Professor Sari?ana?s classes for any serious student of Spanish."


Lloyd Smith Jefferson        


Consulting, Jefferson, Oregon




"Prof. Sarinana is very skilled in presenting information in an easy-to-understand format. He is highly schooled in Language Arts in general which aids in helping students understand the structure of the Spanish language. He is "the real thing" and the constant addition of cultural information makes for very colorful and enjoyable learning. Prof. Sarinana has an impressive academic background and has taught classes in different geographic areas of North America for many years. With this combination of background he makes learning fun and you look forward to attending!" 


Martin Pitchford

Oregon goverment Human Resources Management




"Professor Luis Sarinana is an excellent teacher and has a thorough knowledge of Spanish-English and Hispanic culture. Luis makes learning Spanish and English enjoyable and is always supportive and encouraging. If you want to learn English or Spanish, Luis is the best without a doubt".


Rick A. Waring RN

Department Of Transportation



"Luis Sarinana's classes opened new doors for me as a journalist. After a year of instruction I am able to interview Spanish-speaking sources, and I'm also familiar with their cultural backgrounds. I use Spanish almost every day, from restaurants to my job to casual conversations on the street".


Alex Davis                    

The Statesman Journal


"Luis is the best Spanish professor I have ever had. He makes learning Spanish fun. I would highly recommend Luis classes."

Chris Dearth   

Oregon Governor's Office



"I am extremely impressed by Luis Sarinana's detailed knowledge of the Spanish and English anguages. As a former ESL teacher myself, it is very reassuring to know that my Spanish education is in the hands of such an authority -- and such an all-round friendly person, too".

Laurence Cruz                          

Environmental reporter. The Statesman Journal.



"I have found the language and cultural trainings conducted by Professor Luis Sarinana to be an effective means of education about, and sensitization to the ever-expanding Hispanic population in United States".

Richard Templeton, Ph.D.

Oregon Department of Human Services



"The courses, without a doubt are far superior to any other courses I have experienced. Professor Sarinana is positive, enthusiastic, and encouraging".

Julianne M. Ross-Mota

Department of Consumer and Business Services



" I had a great experience taking Spanish Lessons With Skype, I live in Japan and now I can sing in Spanish! "Que será, será". I highly recommed this Spanish-Lessons-Online the best!  Rossy 

Professional Singer in Oska Japan.


"After taking Spanish-Lessons-Online I felt able to teach my classes to Latino students in the Bay Area. I am very thankful to Luis and his wonderful Spanish-Online-Teachers". 

John Wilkinson






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